Gas ducted heating with add on cooling

Central heater + Add-on cooling system = Adjustable comfort

Is it even possible to create a perfect living environment to transition between chilly and sunny days in a row? You bet! Upgrading your gas ducted heating with add-on cooling can turn your house into the centre of effortless indoor climate control. Just switch modes using a controller and double the comfort without investing in multiple HVAC appliances.

Thomas Airconditioning is thrilled to transform your duct heater into a fully-fledged climate control system in Melbourne. As certified HVAC experts, we can upgrade compatible gas-powered heating units for more flexibility in fulfilling your temperature preferences.

Advantages of ducted heating with add-on cooling

Adding a cooling feature to your heating system is a smart and thrifty decision. The newly installed cooler will utilise the same vents and outlets without structural changes to the walls or floors. You won’t have to pay contractors for home remodelling or splurge on dedicated appliances to cool each room.

What’s more, this dual-mode system will let you bask in:

  • All-year-round comfort. Attaching add-on cooling to ducted heating enables you to transition between enveloping warmth and refreshing breezes from a single control unit.
  • Considerable savings. It’s always cheaper to upgrade one system than to invest in several units with limited functions. 
  • Any temperature preference. Embrace a broader spectrum of comfort with the ability to fine-tune heating or cooling temperatures in any room.
  • Noise-free operation. Combining add-on cooling with gas ducted heating has nothing to do with deafening mode switches or loud operation.
  • Space efficiency. Upgrading a pre-installed heater saves you the trouble of piling up your house with bulky coolers and fans.

Besides switchable performance and other advantages of adding cooling to ducted heating, the cost of such an upgrade is never prohibitive. It’s affordable for any compatible gas-powered system, especially when performed by Thomas Airconditioning in Melbourne.

Does your central heater qualify?

Not all central units can accommodate the extra cooling feature. Even for heaters that have the potential to be paired with cooling, several things need to be done before setting up an all-in-one duct system:

  • Sourcing a cooling unit designed for your heater or that can be adjusted to a specific series of the same brand.
  • Determining if the existing HVAC system aligns with the required efficiency tests to accommodate extra components.

The compatibility of gas heating and add-ons is to be determined on a case-by-case basis. You can book a technician visit or ask us directly.

Integrating add-on cooling in Melbourne

Expand the performance of your heater with an extra cooling function with Thomas Airconditioning. We can professionally examine your existing appliance, seamlessly install internal and external cooling units and connect them within a single system. Certified by ARCtick and VBA, we work in a compliant manner for Melburnians, regardless of your house type and size.

The cost to add cooling to the existing ducted heating depends on whether you have a heater or are about to install one. Contact us to discuss the possibility of the upgrade and our turnaround time.

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