Gas ducted heating maintenance

Gas ducted heating maintenance near me in Melbourne

Don’t let time take its toll on your heater. Ducted gas heating maintenance needs to be done for any system and brand to keep it humming along and extend its longevity. 

At Thomas Airconditioning, we are certified to maintain new and old gas heating appliances as part of our priority service contract or as a distinct service. Whether you have a contract or not, you are welcome to schedule the time for our technicians to inspect and tune up your system. This proactive care reduces the likelihood of worrying breakdowns and paves the way for consistent warmth for your household.

Regular gas ducted heating maintenance to nip problems in the bud

Should you shrug off heater maintenance, you may soon notice it cannot heat your living or working space properly while your bills go crazy. That’s because:

  • Corrosion or leaks may appear. The heat exchanger, burners and other components are subject to corrosion and small leaks if neglected. Periodic inspections, included in your maintenance plan, can help spot this problem in its development phase.
  • Dust and debris may build up. Dirt and other particles often accumulate in vents, filters, burners and blowers. Professional cleaning within gas heat maintenance ensures no contaminants affect airflow and heating capacity.
  • Thermostats and sensors may fail. If the thermostat or other sensors are not working well, your gas system won’t operate efficiently. Our technicians test all controls and electronics so that your unit responds accurately.
  • Lubrication wears off. The blower motor and other moving parts require lubrication not to turn your central heating system into the noisiest nightmare. Without it, the parts can overheat, make excessive noise or fail prematurely.

Regular upkeep helps combat these problems and keeps all components in sound working order. Enter “gas heat maintenance near me” and let Thomas Airconditioning:

  • Spot minor heating problems before they become significant issues
  • Reduce the risk of emergency call-outs or complete gas system overhauls
  • Ensure your gas unit is safe to use

Our crew is adept at basic and thorough cleaning, heater component inspections, CO testing and other procedures.

When to go for gas ducted heating maintenance in Melbourne

Does the possibility of you and your family sitting wrapped in sweaters annoy you? Keep a comfortable climate in your place with a routine heating system check-up. Preventative gas heat maintenance in Melbourne can be arranged:

  • As an annual tune-up. A safety check should be scheduled to inspect all components of your gas ducted heating system every year. This inspection involves a careful look at the pilot light, burners, heat exchanger, thermostat, filters, fans, motors and ductwork.
  • On an as-needed basis. You don’t have to wait 12 months if you have noticed clogged filters or ductwork issues. Our crew can clean your system and replace disposable filters whenever needed.

Don’t let inattention hit your comfort. Take advantage of our priority service contract that includes ducted gas heating maintenance in Melbourne to receive the assurance that your system runs like a well-oiled machine throughout the year!

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