Brivis ducted heating service + A/C service

If your in-house comfort is safeguarded by Australia’s #1 local cooling and heating brand, you should know that Brivis units’ performance and longevity highly depend on servicing. Regular Brivis ducted heating cleaning and A/C maintenance is not just a good thing to do – it’s your shield from disappointing malfunctions and expenses.

Get armed with such a shield with Thomas Airconditioning. Whether you rely on Advance, StarPro, Buffalo or any other series to keep the comfy temperature in your property, we can take end-to-end care of it, from primary installation to on-demand repairs.

Your technicians for all Brivis ducted heating maintenance tasks

For over five decades, Brivis has been coming up with Australia’s best HVAC solutions. However reliable they seem, the brand’s systems are not immune to wear-outs and may leave you freezing if malfunctions are detected in the wintertime.

Is your Brivis gas ducted heating not working? Maybe it’s producing strange noises or simply underperforming? It’s time to call Thomas Airconditioning technicians, who can revive your unit by:

  • Cleaning the entire heating system, including all outlets
  • Measuring gas levels and eliminating leak risks
  • Doing minor and major component repairs
  • Installing genuine replacements

Whether you own the pinnacle of Brivis’ heating efficiency or still go with an older unit, our specialists can handle any HVAC system. We have been expertly servicing the brand’s heaters – such as CC3, BX and StarPro – since we grabbed the tools for the first time.

Besides regular servicing and cleaning, we can winter-proof your property with a new heating system or install additional features. Our Brivis ducted heating replacement costs are based on Melbourne’s lowest setup and labour fees and are discussed before an on-site visit.

Schedule an inspection for your Brivis A/C

Do you own Brivis evaporative coolers or ducted air conditioners? We are good at servicing them, too. Thomas Airconditioning can quickly spot A/C weaknesses that may lead to issues and fix them.

Whether it’s a Contour or Promina A/C, we can perform the much-needed on-site maintenance. This Brivis air conditioning service includes:

  • Cleaning the system indoors and outdoors
  • Getting rid of dirt, mould and rust
  • Preventing water leaks and making sure they won’t happen down the road
  • Fine-tuning operational parameters

Brivis cooling repairs can be carried out during the same maintenance appointment unless the issue is too serious and requires new compatible components.

Servicing all Brivis climate control products across Melbourne

Servicing your Brivis unit is a win-win way to avoid disappointment shaped by energy consumption, unexpected failures, costly repairs or health risks. If you think no technician can prevent all these issues at once, let Thomas Airconditioning prove you wrong. 

Our Brivis ducted heating technicians are armed with state-of-the-art tools and local certifications to secure the non-stop operation of your HVAC system. No matter if you own an evaporative cooler or a central heater, we can tackle it.

Let us know about the problem you’ve encountered with your Brivis, and we will arrive the same day to fix it.

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