Daikin air conditioner servicing – All series covered

Daikin has a lot to offer to take the sting out of those scorching summers. It is a name Melbourne households have trusted for decades. However, even big brands may experience issues, and the popular Ururu Sarara or Cora series may have drain clogs and refrigerant leaks. When it happens, count on Thomas Airconditioning for brand-specific Daikin air conditioner repairs.

Our technicians can professionally troubleshoot any Daikin split system or ducted A/C. We can also handle installations and maintenance for the brand’s cooling and heating systems.

You don’t have to melt. Just schedule a repair or installation visit and stay comfortably chill this summer!

Daikin air conditioner repair and service

Daikin creates some of the best A/C systems on the market. Its units are efficient, stylish and packed with innovative features. But with complex technology comes the potential for issues. When you need fast, affordable and fully licensed Daikin A/C repairs, installation or maintenance in Melbourne, give us a call to have a tech get your system back to doing what it does best – delivering comfort on hot Melbourne days and nights.

Inspecting your Daikin

Is your unit leaking water, not blowing cool air or refusing to turn on? Thomas Airconditioning has diagnosed and fixed it all. Whether you need help with your VRV multi-split, economical Zena or Inverter Series, we are well-versed in running an inspection to check your system fully and comprehensively. The check-up is performed for each indoor and outdoor unit.

Repairing and replacing parts

We stock tons of authentic Daikin replacement parts to rescue your cooling system. From PCB control boards to fans, filters and refrigerants, we have everything for Daikin aircon repairs. Our experts will also help you determine if replacing an ageing unit is more cost-effective than swapping components.

Installing new units and maintaining the existing ones

Thomas Airconditioning is Melbourne’s top installer of Daikin’s ducted, single and multi-split systems. Our professionals are factory-trained to mount and adjust climate control solutions for superior efficiency. We also offer affordable Daikin aircon maintenance plans to keep your system immaculate afterwards.

Ensuring complete indoor comfort

Is it all about a heating system rather than Daikin A/C maintenance? Besides A/Cs, we are certified to handle the brand’s Altherma and other heating products. Thomas Airconditioning has the expertise to deliver complete indoor comfort for your home while setting up, configuring and taking care of the industry’s most effective heaters.

The crews that are available year-round

Living in Melbourne’s varied climate means your air conditioner puts in effort all year round. While Daikin manufactures some of the most cutting-edge and energy-efficient HVAC units, they still require professional oversight to function safely and effectively. 

Don’t let subpar installation or negligence threaten the performance of your climate control system. Our crews are equipped with Daikin aircon service tools to ensure your unit is optimised, address any issues and provide helpful tips for maximising its lifespan. With our certified specialists, you’ll stay comfortable regardless of the season.

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