Ducted air conditioners installation

Ducted air conditioner installation near me

When that unsightly window rattler isn’t cutting it in the sweltering heat anymore, you couldn’t do better than getting a ducted system for all-around cooling. Investing in a high-efficiency A/C and proficient ducted air conditioner installation by Melbourne’s leading technicians will allow you to stay arctic-fresh with less hassle.

At Thomas Airconditioning, our professionals tap into different methods to tailor the central cooling system to match your commercial or residential space so you can get the cooling power you want at the price you’ll love. Stop suffering during hot, sleepless nights!

Factors driving the cost of installing ducted air conditioning

Not every property or budget is the same. When we get started with your installation project, our team will schedule a complimentary consultation to assess your requirements, take measurements and provide an accurate fixed-price quote.

Here’s what can impact the final cost to install a ducted aircon in Melbourne:

  • Size. The larger the units, the higher the price tag. A more massive central A/C means more capacity to cool larger spaces – like offices – and more materials and labour. Additional square metres, an increased number of rooms and insulation affect the scope of work and, thus, the cost of your project.
  • Extra components. Want a thermostat with intelligent controls and Wi-Fi connectivity? Extras like electronic air cleaners or UV lights? Zoning features to manage temperatures in different areas? All these are optional during ducted air conditioner installation and may increase costs.
  • Installation complexity. How difficult it is to deal with the ductwork and vents in your property is central to the final price tag. If your attic and crawlspaces are cramped, manoeuvring takes more time (and money). Multiple stories also usually mean higher fees.
  • Existing ductwork. If your house or other property already has ductwork, it helps. Connecting an A/C unit to the existing ducts is much more affordable than installing an entirely new duct system. 

Once you approve the cost to install a ducted aircon, there are no hidden fees or surprise add-ons. The price you agree to upfront is the price you pay. Thomas Airconditioning never upsells you on things.

Installing ducted air conditioning in apartments in Melbourne

To make the installation process as efficient and economical as possible, consider these details while waiting for our specialists for an initial evaluation:

  • Determine the best place for your outdoor unit. If building roof space is limited, mounting it on an exterior wall may make the most sense. Anyway, you will need to talk to those responsible for property management to see where the unit can go legally.
  • Decide on the rooms to be cooled. The central unit is perfect for multiple rooms and areas. You should determine what you want it to cool so our technicians can figure out the best A/C type and installation methods.

Installing ducted air conditioning in an apartment takes expertise to assess your home, select the right components and smoothly integrate them. What’s more, it isn’t always feasible in Melbourne and requires a consultation. Call us to receive it!

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