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Fujitsu is an award-winning A/C brand that sets out a lot of reasons to be admired during Melbourne summers. But no matter how many titles are backing up its ASTG09KMCA and ASTG12KMCA HVAC systems, they are not without weaknesses. Expected or not, these may range from minor to severe technical issues, leading to reduced performance and breakdowns.

Need Fujitsu A/C repairs? Are you looking to get a Fujitsu on the wall to handle the days of sweat with a touch of the controller? Thomas Airconditioning delivers prompt, professional service across Melbourne to fix or install your climate control system. Faulty compressors, dodgy motors, leaky pipes – we can take better care of your split or ducted air conditioner than a koala of a eucalyptus tree.

Fujitsu air conditioning maintenance and repairs

Fujitsu is often lauded for its wall-mounted splits and ducted units, ideal for larger homes. If there’s the brand’s system that requires upkeep in your place, our certified technicians can: 

  • Take care of filters. Clogged ones wreak havoc on A/C efficiency. During a visit for Fujitsu ducted air conditioning maintenance, we will replace filters so that they do not hinder the entire system’s performance. This can also be done for the brand’s splits and other HVAC products.
  • Prevent leaking coolants. Fujitsu setups do not usually have refrigerant leaks, but things happen, especially in older units like the ASU series. We can quickly eliminate drips after inspecting the piping and other components where they occur most often.
  • Mend other parts. Fujitsu A/Cs are supposed to run quietly. If yours has started to sound like an aeroplane taking off from the Melbourne Airport, servicing is the best medicine. We can lubricate bearings, replace worn parts and perform other repairs to restore your A/C to peaceful work.

The average Fujitsu aircon lasts 15 years. Was your unit installed before 2010? Instead of Fujitsu A/C service, it may be due for replacement. While we can extend the life of an ageing air conditioner with some maintenance magic, our crew can also help you decide on a new one and install it in your place.

Heating and cooling units

The best part about Fujitsu is that its many models function as both heating and cooling units. Its reverse-cycle air conditioners/heat pumps are unmatched for keeping your home at the perfect temperature from June to December.

At Thomas Airconditioning, we pull off installations and repairs for Fujitsu aircons and heat pumps of all models and types. We are here for you, whether to beat the heat or fend off your property from the cold. We service all areas of the city and surrounding suburbs.

Do you need a ducted system check-up? Heating pump fix? Fujitsu split system maintenance? Our expertise centred around Fujitsu models allows us to diagnose any problem and make your unit work like clockwork. And if it’s time to install a new cooling or heating system, Thomas Airconditioning is Melbourne’s go-to for the brand’s best-selling HVAC products.

Reach out to us for Fujitsu aircon service to stay cool out there!

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