Evaporative coolers maintenance

Evaporative cooler maintenance near me in Melbourne

Maintaining optimal temperature in a small or large space may become trickier over time. On top of that, as the summer heat intensifies, the performance of your evaporative system may take a hit. To keep your space at the right temperature for comfort and no health risks, professional swamp cooler maintenance should be arranged for any unit, brand and property type.

Our specialised services boil down to deep-cleaning your evap system and clearing out any accumulated sediment and debris. When the job is done, your home or facility can benefit from consistent comfort.

Why should an evaporative cooler cleaning service never be ignored?

Skimping on regular cleaning might seem budget-conscious at first, but the damage accumulates under the hood. An investment in preventative evap cooler maintenance pays off for years with:

  • Higher energy efficiency and performance. Our experts can tune your cooler for maximum evaporative power. We also ensure optimal energy usage so you’re not paying more than necessary when turning on your system.
  • Lowered health hazards. Dirty, unserviced swamp coolers breed bacteria and other pollutants circulating through your air ducts. Regular cleaning is the backbone of a hygienic environment.

This comes as a result of every Thomas Airconditioning visit in Melbourne. You can book one whenever your swamp unit starts rattling or according to the scheduled plan described in your service contract for the maintenance of evaporative cooling systems.

We know all the nitty-gritty of the process

Once our technicians arrive, the first step during the comprehensive swamp cooler cleaning process is inspecting your entire system. If all its parts are in place and functioning correctly, we dive into deep cleaning.

Pad sanitation

A clean cooler pad is a happy homeowner, but a sanitised cooler pad is a healthy one. Our intensive cleaning and sanitation techniques are proven to kill pathogens that can breed in the warm, moist environment of the pads. When they are freshly cleaned and re-installed, you can physically feel the air in your building is cool, clean and free of dangerous invaders.

Draining and scrubbing the water reservoir

The water reservoir of your evaporative system is like a stagnant pond in the middle of summer. To avoid turning your cooling unit into an incubator for the next pandemic, sanitising the reservoir at least once a season is critical. With a scrub brush and degreaser, we loosen the buildup of mineral deposits and biofilms from the walls and floor of the tank. Then, we disinfect and refill it with fresh water.

Cleaning minor and major parts

For every maintenance appointment, our crew inspects the pumps and fans that circulate the cooled air and water. During our evaporative cooling cleaning service in Melbourne, we wipe down or hose off the blades and pipes. We also tighten any loose connections. Once everything is shipshape again, we double-check that air vents and ducts are clear and unobstructed.

Entrust evaporative air conditioning maintenance to the seasoned professionals at Thomas Airconditioning. Let our specialists handle the dirty work while you feel your best at home or work!

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