Lennox heating and cooling service by Melbourne’s best technicians

Manufacturing some of the most efficient A/C units and furnaces, Lennox has been trusted by generations of Melburnians for cooling and heating. The brand has been out there since 1895, which is long enough to figure out what works best for the Australian climate and households. While Lennox doesn’t fail to optimise its HVAC systems for local conditions, they still require brand-specific upkeep. So, if your cooler or heater isn’t functioning as expected, we can do Lennox A/C maintenance and any service for your heating appliances.

We are brand-certified specialists in Melbourne to keep your Lennox unit operating at its best. With us, you will always enjoy the unprecedented temperature control and cosiness this manufacturer is known for.

Lennox A/C repairs

Do you own Dave Signature®, Elite® or A/Cs from other collections? These can be finicky if some of their parts develop issues. Along with Lennox air conditioner cleaning, our crew is here to help you with:

  • Vibration and roaring. Lennox units are well-known for noiselessness at home. If it’s not so quiet in your place, our experts can perform precision repairs or adjustments.
  • Drainage issues. Poor drainage may happen to units installed in attics or crawlspaces and can threaten your ductwork. We will clear the clogs and replace damaged parts.
  • Cooling agent leaks. Over the years, the lines or coils may develop small cracks. Our technicians will test your Lennox for leaks and make your system leak-proof.

Other than that, systematic Lennox air conditioner maintenance ensures all system components are inspected, cleaned and calibrated. Prevention is the best medicine and principle for your A/C to run at top efficiency for the long haul.

We can service the brand’s split systems and window units, no matter how old.

Lennox heating repairs

Is the G61 or another heating system tasked with protecting your home’s comfort? Is something wrong with the ducts, insulation, fan speed inverter or other parts? Call Thomas Airconditioning for Lennox ducted heating service. It can be scheduled for the G61 and other series to address or prevent:

  • Bad ignitors or pilot lights. We can replace those quickly on any whole-home heating system.
  • Issues with the blower fan or motor. We fix minor issues straight away. Major replacements may be pulled off within several days.
  • Control panel failures. Reprogramming or replacing the control panel usually does the trick.
  • Flame sensor problems. If there are any, your furnace won’t fire up. But it’s an easy Lennox heating service job for our technicians.

Looking for upgrades? The brand’s ducted heaters are excellent candidates for add-on cooling, which can be installed by Thomas Airconditioning.

Installation service

If you’re building or renovating, we also offer custom design and installation of the entire heating or A/C system. Our team can tune up and fit a new Lennox within your infrastructure and augment its efficiency and performance.

Whether you need Lennox air conditioner repair service or new system installation, there’s no more capable crew to call in Melbourne!

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