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Hitachi air conditioners have been exemplifying durability and exceptional quality for 70+ years. Designed to deliver humid-free, refreshing airflows, these cooling systems bring long-awaited cosiness when the temperature hits its all-time high in Melbourne. Using our Hitachi A/C service is the secret to longevity behind each HVAC unit created by the Japanese brand, whether for a home or large commercial areas.

Wondering how Thomas Airconditioning can perfect or revive your Hitachi? Our licensed technicians can handle every aspect of your unit’s needs with expertise and attention to detail. From cleaning to intricate repairs and installations, our service can rescue your A/C and home’s comfort.

What kind of Hitachi air conditioner service can you leave to us?

To keep Japanese engineering at its highest level, Hitachi deserves nothing less than the finest servicing in Melbourne’s hottest temperature. Here’s where our technicians shine during Hitachi air conditioner maintenance and other on-site jobs.


Have you already picked a new Hitachi unit? Let us organise the setup. Our licensed technicians have plenty of hands-on experience performing Hitachi A/C installations in living and commercial buildings. The process is carried out with the brand-approved tools and setup methods.

Whether you are excited about the airHome Series with self-clean technology or multiple units as part of a ducted cooling system, we will ensure that it is set up correctly and complies with the warranty policy.


Servicing ticks the right box for preventing malfunctions and making even the oldest Hitachi models run like new. We provide timely and meticulous maintenance tailored to any unit and space requirements.

Our know-how enables us to act on issues swiftly. During the same servicing visit, we can clean or replace filters, motors and other parts so that you don’t have to wait until your A/C is back in full force for months.


If Hitachi A/C repairs are required, we can diagnose and fix issues that impair split and central systems. We are skilled in getting around electrical components, complex technical parts and fancy controllers.

Whether you rely on Hitachi’s cassette coolers or other cooling solutions, we only use authentic parts to bring your unit to a factory-like state. Your A/C is never at risk with Thomas Airconditioning.


To get rid of dirt and mould by sanitising the inner and remote parts of your aircon, book a cleaning appointment + maintenance. We know how to clean different Hitachi A/Cs to remove visual blemishes, bacteria and contaminants from the entire system. After our visit, you will feel improved air quality throughout the cooled place.

Hitachi A/C service near me

Thomas Airconditioning does it all across Melbourne. Besides professional servicing, you can count on us for:

  • Same-day repairs in the area
  • Pre-used A/C and remote control testing
  • Follow-up maintenance tips
  • Fixed Hitachi A/C service price

Fill out the website form or dial (03) 9553 3993. Bringing your air conditioner back to its peak efficiency is a matter of hours with our team!

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