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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioner service

Melbourne is no place for a home that doesn’t have an A/C. However, MHI systems are more than just a means of heatwave survival for your property. Installation versatility, advanced inverter technology and precise climate control are only some of the reasons to experience smart air conditioning with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and our service to boost its appeal.

There’s an MHI range for every need and space size to minimise noise pollution, maintain air quality and factor in specific cooling challenges. Famed as the quietest and highly adaptable, MHI solutions are like gateways to the best that Japanese technology can infuse into modern living spaces.

At Thomas Airconditioning, we can install all those innovative features and A/C sophistication in your place in Melbourne. Already enjoying them at home? We are also up for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries A/C service.

Looking to install?

MHI is the best bet for many Aussies. Engineered for efficient airflow at lower speeds, remote-controlled convenience and subtle background presence, the brand’s aircon systems are perfect for multi-room setups, new builds and easy retrofitting. Regardless of the space irregularities and varying zoning requirements, we can accommodate these with different combinations of indoor unit types and capacities.

Exploring your Mitsubishi Heavy Industries A/C installation options always requires professional guidance and on-site assessment. We are here to carry it out for you and advise you on the best series to choose:

  • Avanti – Top-selling split systems for compact and medium-sized spaces that combine slim profiles and allergen control features
  • Bronte – The line of A/Cs with top-notch fan blade and air filtering technology for wide-spread air circulation in open-plan areas and commercial facilities
  • Ciara – Wall-mounted air conditioners much-loved for remote adjustment features and space-saving sizes, including the ultra-compact 1.5kW setup

These are Melbourne’s favourite series from the MHI brand. But we can also install Mitsubishi’s multi-splits, ducted, ceiling-suspended, floor-standing and other products. Thomas Airconditioning experts will recommend an MHI unit for any room, commercial setting or industrial space from a design and performance standpoint.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries aircon servicing in Melbourne

Programmable for precision and personalised comfort, MHI cooling systems excel at improving a broad spectrum of indoor environments – with only a tap of a finger or a voice command on your part. Coupled with professional Mitsubishi Heavy Industries A/C maintenance to prevent any issues, this is all you need for the best climate control for today and beyond. 

Regular check-ups and cleaning can make all the difference between peace of mind during the hottest months and the hassle of repair calls. Still, should you need any Mitsubishi Heavy Industries A/C repairs, don’t hesitate to call Thomas Airconditioning for quick issue resolution. 

Our highly trained team can help with any technical or software problem, whether it’s some erratic pattern to your A/C’s operation, non-responsiveness to settings or any other signs of underlying failures. We are the top-recommended Mitsubishi Heavy service provider in the area.

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