Bonaire A/C maintenance and heater upkeep

Melbourne’s fickle weather leaves you with no choice but to install a versatile HVAC system like Bonaire’s. But what happens when your Bonaire ducted gas heating is not working as the temperature plummets below zero? Or how do you deal with an A/C that refuses to cool your premises when it exceeds 40 degrees Celsius?

You don’t have to be a meteorologist to realise you need a fallback plan for unpredictable temperature scenarios. That’s where Thomas Airconditioning steps in to fight off appalling heat and bone-chilling cold. Our expertise allows us to perform an array of servicing jobs to bring your Bonaire’s flawless performance back on track.

Complete Bonaire ducted heating service

For 60+ years, Bonaire has been setting the pace for 4 to 6-star heating systems in Melbourne and Australia-wide. While the brand continues to design new ducted heaters, Thomas Airconditioning can help the old ones look and operate as if they’ve just left the factory.

Our technicians are available for Bonaire heating service for any HVAC model – from Rhino to MB Series. Here’s what we can do:

  • Deep cleaning of internal and external parts
  • Malfunction diagnostics and on-site repairs
  • Setup of My Climate Wi-Fi and other controllers

Besides Bonaire ducted heating repairs and maintenance, we can upgrade your system. Some existing setups may qualify for Dual Cycle two-way heating and cooling.

Bonaire A/C installations and maintenance

The brand presents a wide selection of air conditioning solutions tailored to Melburnians’ cooling preferences. From versatile BBM to low-profile Silhouette Ultimate, they all share excellent performance and state-of-the-art evaporative technology.

If you use a Bonaire A/C to fight back the heat, we can secure your comfort in the summer by keeping your cooler in working condition. Book Bonaire air conditioning service with our technicians, who have the tools to reach the most distant parts of your aircon, including ducts and roof units.

Are you just seeking ways to maintain cool temperatures in residential or commercial premises? Our team can install the most efficient Bonaire A/C for your property. Whether you choose the B Series for smaller spaces or the Silhouette Premium, we know our way around mounting any of the brand’s cooling solutions.

Taking care of your Bonaire system in Melbourne

Authorised to service heating and cooling appliances, our Bonaire heating repair specialists never leave you with a broken climate control unit during the extreme season. Here’s what you can expect from Thomas Airconditioning:

  • Thorough inspection. Firstly, we carefully examine your Bonaire appliance to evaluate the severity of flaws. If you have any complaints, they will help us narrow down the list of things to watch out for.
  • Efficient repairs. Second, we promptly address any issues detected, ensuring your heater or A/C is back up and running in no time. Most repairs of Bonaire HVAC units do not take longer than one day.
  • Preventative maintenance. Fixing the existing problems is important but is never enough. For a well-thought-out upkeep plan, we can also clean and disinfect your system to safeguard its performance and value.
  • Installation and upgrades. Do you have your eyes on a new Bonaire solution? Hire our technicians to set it up at your home or opt for additional cooling or heating features if your existing unit allows for upgrades.

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