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End-to-end ducted heating service in Melbourne

If you need assistance with a heater, reaching out to Thomas Airconditioning is the best investment in your comfort. As a local, devoted ducted heating service company in Melbourne, we provide holistic solutions for all central systems and other HVAC appliances from Australia’s favourite brands.

Our technicians possess the skills for regular servicing, emergency repairs, installation and maintenance. We are certified by ARCtick and VBA to handle your heating unit or its parts.

Ensuring safe and efficient ducted heating in Melbourne

Australian winters may not have a freezing-cold reputation, but they are still accompanied by irregular temperature shifts, rain showers and chilly breezes. Before June, you’ll want to prepare your property for rapid weather changes so they don’t catch you by surprise. There are multiple ways to keep your home or workplace warm, with ducted heating taking the spotlight.

The unmatched effectiveness of the ducted system stems from a complex structure that dissipates heat to the designated area through multiple pipes, filters, fans and sensors. Together, they form a centralised air heating system that safeguards your indoor climate.

Getting one in place? We can handle the ductwork and connections. Is there an inefficiency in your existing system? We can secure its perfect condition. Timely servicing for ducted heating in Melbourne is important for your comfort and spares you from exacerbated expenses on the replacement of the entire system.

Besides, keeping your ducted unit in flawless condition contributes to your well-being by:

  • Eliminating pollution risks
  • Preventing existing or potential leaks
  • Complying with at-home safety measures

For our ducted heating specialists, your satisfaction is everything. We devote all our resources to do what needs to be done for your property, whether you are a new customer or already covered by our service contract.

When should you arrange a service?

Skipping preparations for the heating season is a no-go. Even if you rarely visit the property, your ducted system requires inspection to maintain it in excellent and ready-to-use condition.

You can’t go wrong by scheduling servicing several months before June. Frequent check-ups are necessary if you run a commercial property or have an old system.

At Thomas Airconditioning, we understand that all-encompassing servicing may not seem budget-friendly. But the good news is that the cost of ducted heating services varies for properties of different sizes and purposes. Plus, we are always happy to offer personalised rates.

Affordable ducted heating service near me

Timely check-ups are vital for the worry-free performance of your central heating system during the coldest period. They are always done quickly with Thomas Airconditioning without intervening in your private life. We are known for a fast ducted heating service that doesn’t make your loved ones feel weird and restricted.

Are you not ready to take a chance at room temperature during the winter months? Let us make sure you won’t have to. If you are interested in scheduling a visit or calculating the ducted heating service price for your property, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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