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A/C cleaning and maintenance: Let’s make it blow smoothly

Both commercial and residential air conditioners can’t function smoothly without A/C service, especially on sweltering days. Despite their structural and functional similarities, their components and servicing methods vary, which requires a professional approach to each cooling unit.

Thomas Airconditioning is the only crew to call for an A/C service, cleaning and inspection on any Melbourne-based premises. Catering to the unique cooling requirements for workplaces and homes, we ensure every property is left with a refreshing temperature and healthy environment.

Residential air conditioning maintenance in Melbourne

The air conditioners used in homes are typically smaller, more accessible and less demanding in terms of upkeep than commercial units. Configured for the cooling requirements of a single household, they require time-to-time servicing that Thomas Airconditioning can expertly perform.

There is no task our team can’t handle for professional aircon maintenance of residential systems:

  • Cleaning and replacing contaminated filters
  • Air conduct cleaning
  • Replenishing refrigerants
  • Checking electrical components 
  • Calibrating the thermostat
  • Lubricating fans and motors

Some Melbourne homeowners tend to postpone aircon servicing, but this is a wrong move. Did you know that keeping up with A/C maintenance is financially savvy? Averting unit breakdowns and cutting down energy expenses are just some benefits you can reap by taking it seriously.

We provide A/C cleaning services for central and split units used in homes. These include all the necessary inspections and upkeep procedures across the entire HVAC system and air ducts to give you a steady, refreshing flow without breakdowns and musty odours.

A/C service near me for commercial buildings

You don’t want your workplace riddled with stuffiness and conditioning issues. For commercial A/Cs, the significance of comprehensive maintenance performed by a professional A/C cleaning company doubles, as they typically rely on more powerful components to maintain comfort temperatures and cover a larger territory. These components work harder and, thus, are always at risk of developing issues.

When heat is intense, air conditioning systems go into the highest gear to cool spacious facilities like offices or warehouses. As a result, the evaporators, blowers and fans may be prone to landing pollutants or clogging.

If an expert check-up is to be scheduled for your commercial property, entrust it to Thomas Airconditioning. Our A/C service specialists are adept at maintaining industrial-grade cooling units and can arrive at your site in Melbourne to inspect yours to ensure it works well and poses no threat to your employees.

During the visit, we will methodically inspect your system and air ducts and figure out the right upkeep procedures considering:

  • Usage and maintenance history. Depending on your aircon performance and clean-ups/repairs in the past, we will determine what parts are most likely to cause issues and how they should be maintained for smart prevention.
  • Age. Regular air conditioning servicing is vital for systems older than 10 years. When well-maintained, they can continue functioning effectively. If regular servicing is ignored, though, total repairs and replacements may be impossible to avoid.
  • Indoor conditions. Our team will scrutinise usage specifications for your commercial A/C and ventilation conditions in your space. Whether it is an office, cafe or warehouse, we’ll provide targeted care recommendations to keep your unit neat and efficient.

Does it seem like you have been adhering to the regular servicing plan, but your A/C requires serious upkeep again? Some components may need to be replaced. Fortunately, we can do that, too.

Not sure whether it’s time for unit upkeep alone or duct cleaning in Melbourne? You can determine the primary red flags of an air conditioner that would benefit from servicing by spotting dirt, mould or cracks in your commercial aircon system. Also, your employees’ complaints may reiterate the need for unit maintenance.

Air duct cleaning in Melbourne is best performed during months when HVAC usage is minimised. It is a great service to schedule once in several years to prevent your commercial settings from feeling dusty.

Money-saving air conditioning service near me

Shelling out for part replacement and extensive repairs is way more wasteful than planning a preventative inspection and cleaning appointment. To avoid unnecessary expenses, contact Thomas Airconditioning, an ARC-certified team for aircon service near you in Melbourne.

We can check and bring your air cooling system to perfection while staying out of view. Should your A/C be simply inspected with a quick refill or deeply cleaned, we are committed to utilising the industry’s best tools to do the job without disturbing your work or leisure. Our service is all about:

  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the entire air conditioning system and air ducts
  • Comprehensive inspection of the unit and its parts
  • Expert advice on further A/C utilisation and upkeep

Even if your air conditioner looks flawless, having it examined annually is a forward-thinking decision. It can save you thousands of dollars paid upfront for a new system. Be sure to plan for regular servicing with the Thomas Airconditioning air cleaning company!

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