Split system air conditioners maintenance

Split A/C maintenance to restore your unit’s cooling power

Has your split aircon started generating less cooling power or more noise like a sputtering jalopy? Dust and grime build-up can make it seem like it’s on its last legs. Before your system goes down on the hottest day of the year, let our certified professionals perform split system air conditioner maintenance. An ounce of prevention beats a pound of repair!

We know how to carefully clean your A/C without damaging its sensitive components. And if you are our VIP customer with a priority service contract, we will have your unit gleaming ASAP so you can get back to the cool air and silence without delay.

Split A/C cleaning service and other procedures

Don’t despair if your split air conditioner is starting to show its age. Regular professional cleaning and maintenance by the experts of Thomas Airconditioning can restore it to factory-fresh condition.

Prioritise preventative care

Signing up for our priority A/C split unit cleaning and maintenance service will have you covered for annual check-ups by our specialists to inspect, test and fine-tune your system. We will identify weak points before they become expensive problems and handle necessary part replacements to keep your A/C running at maximum efficiency.

Target the blemishes

Split aircon units may get inundated with debris and dirt that reduce airflow, overwork components and breed germs and allergens. Thomas Airconditioning’s high-power vacuums can deeply purge your air filters, coils, drains and more. After A/C split cleaning, your unit is freshened and sanitised, leaving your home’s air safe to breathe in.

Refresh and renew

If deep cleaning isn’t enough and your aircon seems past its prime, we also offer affordable split system replacement and upgrades. Our specialists will pay heed to your requirements, home layout and budget to recommend a new, high-efficiency model perfect for your space.

When your split system asks for professional maintenance

Your cooling system can show plenty of signs that scream, “Help, I need maintenance.” Here are a few to watch out for:

  • Higher energy bills. Clogged filters, refrigerant leaks and other issues can jeopardise unit efficiency and jack up costs. When the problem is addressed, your bills will get back to normal.
  • Uneven cooling. If some rooms are chillier than others, it likely indicates an issue with vents or other components. Our split aircon cleaning professionals can rebalance your system to make every room comfortable.
  • Loud noises. Any suspicious sounds usually mean a failing fan, worn-out bearings or other moving parts exhausted. Don’t ignore these warning sounds and call us, or you may end up with a completely non-functioning split aircon.
  • Musty smells. Stale smells signal that mould or mildew has built up inside your unit. They are unpleasant, but above all, they can also be a health hazard. By cleaning your split system aircon, we can eliminate the source of the odours.

Don’t let your split unit deteriorate. Call our pros for a complete maintenance service. Our undivided attention to split system air conditioner cleaning and costs will keep your unit and budget chill all summer long!

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