Ducted heating installation

HVAC ductwork installation in Melbourne

Central heating unit setup may not seem an exciting renovation project, but it’s a major underlying factor that can be a gain or drain on your home’s comfort. Often literally underlying – covered or hidden in the walls or basements – the installation of HVAC ductwork is essential for balancing the microclimate of your building.

If you’re looking for a professional route to striking that balance, count on Thomas Airconditioning. For your duct heater installation needs, we can add the desired level of comfort to properties regardless of size, space constraints or specific project requirements and challenges.

HVAC duct installation near me: Why choose Thomas Airconditioning

When it comes to enhancing your living space, our professional installers can make sure your new duct system is efficiently designed, scaled and routed throughout the building for:

  • Complete temperature control
  • Minimised heat loss
  • Cleaner air indoors
  • Long-term energy savings

Thomas Airconditioning has been serving Melbourne communities for over a decade, so you can rely on our exceptional expertise in meeting local needs and requirements. Besides the installation of HVAC units and ductwork replacement, we are trusted for:

  • Quick identification of any issues with the existing ducts and outlets 
  • Precise heating load calculations
  • Highest-quality installation standards
  • Compliance with the City Code requirements

On top of that, we are no strangers to translating science and technology into plain language to help you understand your heating options better. If you are perplexed by all those ducts, zoning intricacies and heat transfer coefficients, we will explain everything you want to know.

What goes into the ducted heating installation cost in Melbourne?

The major factors that will pin down your project costs are the length of your ductwork, materials used, property layout and total floor area to be heated. Thomas Airconditioning is an affordability-driven heating installation company that continually strives to come up with budget-saving recommendations for our customers in Melbourne. 

For new installations, we will propose the most efficient scope of work and the number of outlets. For heating duct replacements, we will point out the risks that have to be addressed and provide you with a quote after assessing your property for:

  • Leaks 
  • Moisture pooling 
  • Mould growth
  • Improper filtration
  • Cracks in the walls 
  • Other structural damage 

Depending on how pervasive it is, the extra work included in the replacement jobs will determine your project’s total cost.

Let’s evaluate your HVAC needs

An on-site evaluation is the starting point for the installation of HVAC ductwork in Melbourne and optimising your heating system for performance and efficiency. That’s when our technicians will make room-by-room calculations and determine the unit’s heating loads.

Taking accurate on-site measurements is a must to understand your project’s scope and challenges, materials and costs so that we can discuss the budget and recommend specific heating system options. Our team will then plan out the building to design the most efficient ductwork layout and ensure precise installation for your HVAC unit’s longevity and smooth running.

Let’s arrange an on-site evaluation today!

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