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Split A/C full service for homeowners and businesses in Melbourne

When your A/C seems to be working overtime or not doing the job adequately, taking professional care to deal with the issues decreasing its potential is all-important. That said, the signs you need to call a split system air conditioner specialist might be more alarming or less obvious. Whether you’ve noticed any changes in the operation of your A/C unit or are unsure if its cooling power or the resulting indoor air quality meets the demands of your space, Thomas Airconditioning can give you an expert answer.

Specialising in split A/C full service, complex installations, cleaning and repairs, we have years of experience maintaining healthy environments in Melbourne. You name it – we have the skills and tech to get around it. 

Perhaps you can’t name some of the issues, but Thomas Airconditioning professionals take care to explain the technicalities and suggested solutions in detail.

Split system air conditioner specialists who can tackle it all

Our specialists can be locally trusted for any job involving:

  • Single-split and multi-split systems
  • Mini-splits
  • Advanced HVAC solutions for larger buildings or commercial spaces

We are up-to-date with all the innovations, the latest inspection technology and top setups in the industry for servicing split A/Cs at home and in commercial areas.

Whether you are looking for the most affordable options, higher energy-efficiency units, unobtrusiveness or upgrades, we will help you select the optimal setup for your property. Tweaking the comfort levels to your preferences when controlling temperature, dust and humidity has never been easier!

We excel at routine split system air conditioner services to decrease the risk of your system malfunctioning in one way or another. With extensive experience detecting the first signs of the issues that limit your A/C’s functionality, Thomas Airconditioning is a reliable safeguard for your comfortable indoor environment.

Split system air conditioner service tailored for you

Whether you are about to install a new split aircon system or are in two minds about replacing vs. repairing an existing one, our technicians will provide the recommendations that fit your needs. We start with a detailed evaluation and proceed to pin down the cooling load to make sure everything we suggest works for your space rather than against it. 

Depending on the building layout, different setups – with or without multiple units – can be used for zoning, energy savings, convenience and flexibility. If you’d like to know what split aircon configuration is the best fit for your home or business and the cost of your installation project, request a quote today.

Is it an emergency?

Of all the reasons to service your split A/C at home, emergency repairs are the most stressful. But Thomas Airconditioning is ready to save the day. We can send a technician to your property in Melbourne upon an immediate request.

For the safest plan, you can go for our service contract. It’s your complete peace-of-mind option to ensure the highest-quality service, whatever your current or future HVAC needs may be.

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