Gas ducted heating repair

Minor and major gas ducted heating repairs in Melbourne

Ensuring your heater can tackle Melbourne’s cold snaps is always the right move. This is especially true if you use a gas system, as the necessity of in-depth check-ups for such a unit doubles compared to its electric counterparts. The good news is that Thomas Airconditioning performs gas heater repairs near you and is ready to service your central system on demand. 

Regardless of complexity, we can repair even old heaters to underpin their potential for creating cosiness. Certified and trained to handle all the intricacies of gas heating systems, we’re delighted to ensure yours will keep warming the premises for years after our visit.

Why do I need professional gas heater service and repair?

Neglecting the signs of a malfunctioning gas heater can add fuel to the fire and leave you with issues you don’t want to deal with. To save your household from costly repairs and time-consuming replacements, pay attention to:

  • Unreasonably high gas bills
  • Poor heater performance in one room or throughout the house
  • Gas pressure issues

We’re trained to perform a range of jobs for central systems in need of gas ducted heating repair in Melbourne, including addressing faulty blowers and gas supply issues. Whether your unit has been affected by grease, dust or something beyond your control, we can fix it to protect your home’s climate.

From meticulous cleansing to crack sealing to component replacement, entrust the job to our crew to bring your HVAC unit back on track. Our vans are packed with tools and top-quality parts, so any gas heater repair service can be carried out faster.

How to prevent potential CO issues

Gas heater inspections and repairs are not just about fixing broken components. They are necessary to detect and instantly ward off potential carbon monoxide release, which can cause heavy intoxication. 

The Thomas Airconditioning gas heater repair company realises the CO poisoning risks involved and knows how to eliminate them in malfunctioning gas-powered central units. Our experts can run an inspection for carbon monoxide levels throughout your system and perform the necessary fixes on-site in case of potentially dangerous concentrations. 

When the work is done, you can enjoy your indoor environment, knowing that: 

  • You and your loved ones are safe.
  • The heater disposal and replacement risks are reduced.
  • The unit’s efficiency is restored to its best.
  • Its performance is sufficient for all rooms and areas.

Filling your house with warmth shouldn’t be a problem. If it is for your property, schedule repairs with Melbourne’s best technicians!

How can I arrange a visit for gas heater repairs in my area?

If your gas-powered unit requires a check-up in Melbourne, there are two ways you can go to have it inspected and repaired:

  • Call (03) 9553 3993 for an emergency visit
  • Submit our website form to enquire about pricing and other details

Thomas Airconditioning is the right choice when it comes to servicing gas heaters near you. Our technicians can spot hidden cracks and worn-out parts and fix them in a wink.

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