Gas ducted heating installation

Professional gas ducted heating installation in Melbourne

Eliminate the possibility of waking up shivering on a frosty day and feeling the cold air seeping through the cracks in your dilapidated heater. Thomas Airconditioning is a locally recognised team of technicians for gas ducted heating installation and replacement in Melbourne.

There are no connections and ductwork we can’t handle. Whether you’re looking to install a new gas ducted heater or upgrade an inefficient unit, rely on us for the entire process to keep you cosy and warm.

When to consider gas ducted heater replacement

Is the gas system distributing heat throughout your property over 15 years old? It’s a good idea to consider replacement. While a properly maintained gas heater can last longer, replacement often makes financial sense due to lower running costs and fewer repair bills.

Here’s when this option can also fit the bill for you:

  • Subpar efficiency. This may happen to any ducted heater and property. If your system is working in full gear but fails to distribute heat, replacing it with a higher-efficiency setup is the best way to go.
  • Safety issues. Older heaters may lack safety mechanisms – like flame failure protection – that are standard in new systems. There may also be leaking or damaged ductwork in older installations. For the reduced risk of fire or gas hazards, ducted gas heater replacement is the right answer.
  • Frequent breakdowns. Burners, thermostats and fans wear out in all heaters, while replacement parts are challenging to source for outdated models. A new system provides worry-free heating with manufacturer’s warranties and parts availability.

If your heater shows signs of ageing or inefficiency, call Thomas Airconditioning in Melbourne to discuss the cost of installing a gas heating system. As a fully licensed and certified team, we have the knowledge and skills to size and get a new unit in place, including ductwork, appliance components and connections.

What to expect when installing a gas heating system

Do you want to install or replace your gas heater but are worried about disrupting your daily activities? Our technicians can plan an installation project in Melbourne while minimising the disturbance of your daily life:

  1. Site inspection. Our specialists will visit your home to see the installation site. This is necessary to recommend a suitable heating unit size and type.
  2. Preparation. Our technicians will ensure they can access gas outlets and surfaces for connections. We’ll install the necessary ducts before connecting your gas heater.
  3. Setup. The Thomas Airconditioning professionals will mount the new unit and connect it to your home’s gas and power supply and ducted system.
  4. Testing and commissioning. The new installation is thoroughly tested to ensure all connections are leakproof and the system functions properly. Our technicians will then show you how to operate the controls.

Connecting a new heating system is not a walk in the park. But with Thomas Airconditioning as your gas heating contractor, it’s not a headache either. Contact us to discuss the service for your heater and property size and lounge in the lap of climate-controlled comfort!

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