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Urgent and scheduled ducted A/C repairs in Melbourne

A ducted air conditioner can be a blessing or nightmare, depending on its condition and how fast you act when issues arise. Although problems with airflow, clogging and on/off cycling may happen to all aircons, solving these within central systems calls for a different, no-nonsense approach.

Thomas Airconditioning has been adopting this approach for years. We are trained to perform minor and complex ducted air conditioning repairs in Melbourne, keeping your indoor temperature at the desired level every day of the long Australian summer. 

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When should you schedule ducted A/C repairs?

The tiniest change in your aircon system or indoor environment requires immediate assistance from a skilled technician. If you spot the following issues with your ducted unit, think of this as the right time to call our team.

Hot air

If your ducted A/C fails to deliver the breeze, insulation may be to blame. Any central system may accumulate warm air between the grilles and the compressor, which may be released if insulation leaves much to be desired. At Thomas Airconditioning, we can do professional ducted aircon repairs in Melbourne to quickly eliminate this problem, leaving you with chilly breezes instead of stuffiness.


Damp smells and occasional liquid release through the outlets and main ducting are the reasons to arrange ducted aircon repairs immediately. A condensation drain line is the key to your A/C’s smooth, leak-free operation. Without timely repair, it may impede the ducts’ ability to lower humidity, resulting in overflows that can ruin your cosy interior.

Filter and duct issues

Cloggings are highly unwanted for ducted and other aircons. The thing is that pollutants may accumulate not only in outer filters – like in standard indoor units – but deep inside the ducts. These may be hidden from the eye while gradually destroying the effectiveness of your system. Scheduling ducted aircon repairs makes a lot of sense if you spot dirt and dust coming from your A/C or suspect poor performance without any visible reasons.

Disrupted zoned cooling

Every central A/C uses built-in gates to direct and control airflow in rooms. When these gates break down, zoned cooling isn’t feasible. Our technicians can handle this issue by cleaning, replacing or fixing any gate issue or actuators within the ductwork to give you full power over your aircon again.

Cost-efficient ducted air conditioning repairs near me

Ducted aircon systems are the most robust options for cooling large areas. Their extended capacity and regulated coverage boost A/C effectiveness but are coupled with intricate servicing that requires precise attention and must be performed by certified technicians.

Our expertise and equipment allow us to complete various ducted air conditioning repairs, from gate replacements to electrical re-connections. Besides fixing the existing damage, we run your central A/C through all cycles to ensure seamless operation after the job is done.

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