Evaporative coolers

Evaporative air conditioning services near me in Melbourne

Wondering if there’s an A/C that’s the cheapest to run? All eyes are on evaporative coolers. These units are way more cost-efficient than traditional aircons (even advanced models) and can work wonders for indoor humidity levels. Plus, Thomas Airconditioning provides ducted evaporative air conditioning services that can be used in residential spaces and facilities larger than living rooms.

Ideal for vast spaces, swamp coolers use the physical dehydration process to fan out cool air without refrigerants. When hot air goes through water-drenched pads, the water soaks up the heat and evaporates, turning the heat into refreshing air.

Evaporative coolers are energy-efficient and beneficial in terms of cooling costs, no matter how hot it is in Melbourne. If you’re investing in one or need help keeping the unit well, we can be there for you.

Swamp cooler services near me – Sustain the benefits of eco-friendly cooling

Thomas Airconditioning is knowledgeable about evaporative coolers. We have been setting them up and taking care of swamp units for years. Our evap aircon service includes everything from putting systems in place to fine-tuning different modes for different temperature settings.

Fittingly, evaporative aircons are some of the best cooling solutions for businesses drawn to sustainability. Installing them in commercial spaces is recommended for organisations looking to steer clear of refrigerants and leverage natural cooling processes.

Improved ventilation

The evaporative cooling system service by Thomas Airconditioning is a prerequisite to bringing fresh air into any property. When adequately installed, such a system continuously pulls outdoor air in and pushes the cooled air out. This frequent air exchange bodes well for ventilation and a healthy environment.

Cost savings galore

If your unit undergoes regular evaporative aircon service, it will never bring bad news when you are landed with bills. You can save a lot since this cooling type goes without power-hungry compressors or condensers and requires considerably less energy than refrigerated cooling.

Lower maintenance

An on-site evaporative air cooler service requires less time than that for other ducted or ductless systems. The main components are pads, pumps, fans and ductwork. As long as regular pad changes and pump/fan servicing are performed, this system will stay synonymous with reliable conditioning.

Evaporative cooling services near me for large facilities

Swamp cooling is matchless for spaces that can’t handle the cost or environmental consequences of traditional A/Cs. Except for Melbourne homes, we can deal with it in:

  • Industrial facilities. Enormous spaces such as warehouses and factories with high ceilings and an open floor plan are excellent candidates for the wide-covering air circulation ducted evaporative coolers provide.
  • Data centres. For premises housing tons of hot-running hardware, this cooling technology is great for consistent temperatures and energy efficiency. The result? Lower costs and maximum uptime for your critical systems.
  • Sports centres. Do you run a gym or other facility where people work up a sweat? Evap A/Cs can cool it, handle heavy-duty ventilation and minimise circulating germs and odours.

The best evaporative aircon service near you in Melbourne has its name – Thomas Airconditioning. Call us and wave goodbye to sky-high costs linked to traditional A/Cs. Embrace the breezy, budget-friendly power of water as our pros install or take care of this system for you.

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