Evaporative coolers installation

Evaporative cooling system installation in Melbourne

Are you enthusiastic about harnessing the greenest air conditioning option ever? Go ahead with swamp cooler installation. This cooling system yields consistent indoor performance amid hot days while utilising water evaporation technology packed in an engineered unit.

Considering the unmatched cost and environmental benefits of evap systems, it is not surprising the demand for such sustainable solutions is growing in Melbourne and nationwide. While there is no cooling and ventilation solution that’s completely free, evaporative technology is the next best thing.

We’d be proud to bring it into your property, be it a direct or indirect evaporative system.

Conventional A/C vs. evap cooler installation

Depending on the type of cooler, you’ll pay 60-90% less in operational costs for evap units compared to powering a traditional A/C. They are mostly reliant on the physical properties of water for efficient functioning, with only a motor-driven fan and water pump requiring electricity to run.

The process for evaporative air conditioner installation is simple when planned with Thomas Airconditioning, but the benefits are multifold:

  • When taken through a wet medium to enable natural cooling, the air is additionally filtered for a cleaner indoor environment.
  • A mix of air and water molecules results in comfortable humidity levels and better cooling efficiency than airflow alone.
  • While the dry indoor air technology available with some conventional A/Cs may trigger respiratory issues or allergy flare-ups, humid air emitted from the evap cooler reduces those risks.

Unlike energy-intensive air conditioning units, swamp cooler setups use no refrigerants and produce no CO2 emissions. This makes them home-, office- and budget-friendly for a healthier lifestyle and heightened respiratory comfort at only a fraction of the usual A/C power consumption.

Well-balanced solution for different facilities

When installing evaporative air conditioning, our technicians leave no stone unturned to rule out drainage, contamination and bacteria risks. Well-thought-out setups are vital to prevent problems later on, whether you’re going for a swamp system in a production facility or residential space.

What about our fees, you ask? We’re happy to align them with the affordability of swamp units and provide the most reasonable rates in Melbourne. The upfront evaporative cooling installation costs for your property will vary depending on:

  • The system type and capacity (CFM rating) to match your cooling needs
  • The square footage and layout
  • The water supply system (manual or auto-fill)
  • Specific draining, water filtration or disinfection features

You can request a granular cost analysis if you already know which cooler you want to install.

Is evaporative air conditioning the best option for you?

When it comes to alleviating your carbon footprint and switching to the natural cooling effect for healthier indoor air, you can’t go wrong with evap technology. But remember, it relies on steady water consumption, filtering and draining for optimal hygiene and efficiency. Thus, a cooler may be harder to maintain in areas with a limited water supply or access to water with a higher mineral content.

Consult Thomas Airconditioning experts to find out if these systems are right for you and schedule an appointment for evaporative cooler installation.

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