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On-demand evaporative air conditioner repairs in Melbourne

A swamp cooler is the easiest way to safeguard indoor comfort in Melbourne’s fickle weather. On dry days prevailing in the city during summer, this unit becomes your blessing for its ability to turn water into chilly breezes. However, ignoring the red flags associated with your evap system may leave you struggling with spiking temperatures in the middle of the hottest season.

Is this what has just happened to you? Thomas Airconditioning is on standby to do evaporative air conditioner repairs near you. We can carry out same-day inspections and restorations of swamp coolers, regardless of their age and brand.

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Most evaporative coolers boast a streamlined structure and a few parts, which makes them relatively simple to access and fix. While this doesn’t eradicate the possibility of DIY repairs, undertaking such tasks is coupled with the risks you better leave to Thomas Airconditioning.

When encountering any of the following issues with your swamp system or its components, remember that our certified evap cooler repair specialists in Melbourne can fix your unit within warranty coverage.

Connection issues

If your cooler plays up whenever you turn it on, it’s important to check for underlying issues like poor connections or blown fuses. Fixing them requires professional help, as such parts are not to be trifled with. Our technicians possess the expertise to replace the fuses and inspect the wiring as we repair evaporative air conditioners.

Airflow issues

Inadequate ventilation is another sign your swamp unit may be begging for repairs. If your cooler lacks evaporative power, a disrupted water supply, defective pads and clogged vents are just some potential reasons for keeping you sweaty instead of refreshed. To solve the problem, our technicians will take a close look at your entire system.

Leaks and damp odour

Evap cooler owners may encounter leakage issues. These can wreak havoc on the cooling system itself and your property. Addressing them with us involves supply line inspections, gap sealing and damaged part replacement. The latter may include new pads, reservoirs or other components.

Urgent evaporative cooling repairs near me

Timely aircon repairs are like extenders for your unit’s lifespan, so they are highly recommended for budget savings and easy cool-downs during summer days. But you can’t plan for everything, right? If a mishap has occurred just now, we can also do emergency swamp cooler repairs near you, which involves a same-day appointment in Melbourne.

If your evap system has suddenly failed, our specialists can fix the problem of any scale. Whether the issue takes its roots in the water tank, valves or wires, we are on our way. We will take the following steps to get your evaporative unit back on track as fast as possible: 

  • Inspect it using manual and automated tools
  • Explain the detected malfunctions
  • Perform repairs on the same day, if possible
  • Replace broken parts with a warranty
  • Give you maintenance advice

Evaporative air cooler repair may seem time-consuming, but our technicians are armed with the proper knowledge and tools to get it done in a jiffy.

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