Ducted heating maintenance

All-year-round heating duct cleaning services near me

Does an unpleasant odour haunt you every time you turn on your heating unit? Can you see tiny dust particles flying in the air? Chances are, there are blockages in your central HVAC system. It’s time to connect with Thomas Airconditioning for ducted heating maintenance in Melbourne

Our maintenance service includes in-depth heater inspections and cleaning. Hiring experienced and certified professionals for regular or occasional cleaning means never encountering breathing problems and efficiency issues linked to your indoor source of warmth.

HVAC duct maintenance spares you from bigger issues

We all want to have a healthy living or working environment. One of the ways to achieve this is by arranging the upkeep of your heating unit. As someone using a duct system, you should ensure it is free of dirt, dust and damage in winter and during summer downtimes.

Regular HVAC duct maintenance is a smart investment for lower bills and protected well-being. Here’s what arranging such a service with Thomas Airconditioning can bring to your property.

Reduced malfunction risks

Dirt and grease are detrimental to the heater as they may undermine pipe walls and block filters, resulting in poor performance of the entire system. All this potentially leads to a complete HVAC failure. 

Using our ducted heating cleaning service in Melbourne to care for your unit and ductwork prevents potential malfunctions in an instant. You can schedule it whenever you notice issues or when specified in your service contract.

Optimised heater performance

The ability to control temperature zonally makes ducted systems an energy-saving heating method, but this advantage may taper off without proper upkeep. With heating system duct cleaning, however, you can maintain your unit’s consistent performance and boost its lifespan.

Even targeted duct cleaning amplifies the efficiency of the entire heating system, to say nothing of the full-spectrum upkeep service for filters and grates. When we do the maintenance, we leave no part unchecked to sustain the benefits of your HVAC unit.

Healthy environment

When in heating mode, your HVAC system recirculates outdoor or indoor air. During this process, various pollutants may be sucked and get stuck in filters, which poses a risk of inundating your home with allergens and other contaminants.

Our specialists are up for cleaning and unclogging your heating system all year round to ensure it is free from dust, hair, fur and other debris. This contributes to improved air quality and wards off the risks of allergies, headaches and respiratory issues.

Our tools and equipment

During on-site HVAC service and cleaning in Melbourne, our team uses portable equipment to soften and remove pollutants in all zones. If it turns out severe dirt has swamped your system, we’ll apply special-purpose brushes and washing solutions. We also have advanced measuring instruments to test your heater for leaks.

By utilising professional vacuums and antimicrobials, we ensure:

  • Quick and full maintenance that leaves you with a tidy and sanitised heater
  • Damage-free access to isolated heater parts through existing openings

For the complete maintenance of ducted heating, duct cleaning is performed for each outlet.

Let’s keep it pristine

Blockages and dust are not supposed to become destructive to your HVAC system. At Thomas Airconditioning, we have a way to fight them off with unparalleled efficiency while prioritising your home comfort.

Depending on whether you had our technicians perform maintenance procedures before or not, you can book a central heating duct cleaning service as:

  • One of the yearly procedures included in your HVAC upkeep contract
  • Your first service with our team

Write or call us to schedule a check-up or sign a service contract for long-term ducted heating maintenance in Melbourne.

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