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Ducted A/C services: All things central cooling

Are you sweating through your shirt while fanning yourself to no avail? Does the heat in your room hang heavy, sapping your energy and physical comfort? Thomas Airconditioning is here to save your day with ARC-certified ducted air conditioning services in Melbourne.

We go to great lengths to install, maintain, clean or repair your central aircon to restore frosty bliss to your home or office. With our lightning-fast response times and fair pricing, you will breathe easily shortly.

Comprehensive ducted air conditioning services near me

When Melbourne’s hot weather comes knocking at your door, you want a well-performing central A/C system to give it the cold shoulder. For this to happen, we provide a full range of ducted aircon services across Melbourne:

  • Our technicians are adept at installation procedures for those investing in a ducted A/C. We can mount a system for your home’s or other space’s requirements while respecting your time and optimising its temperature settings.
  • For absolute efficiency of your air conditioner, you can have us perform check-ups, coil cleanings and filter changes to prevent expensive repairs. We are trained to inspect refrigerant levels, test components and examine the whole central system to help you avoid emergency troubleshooting in future.
  • If your system has gone out of order, you can call us for prompt ducted aircon servicing. Even when those compressors and motors look really bad, our crew can fix them so your unit performs like the day it was installed.
  • We also provide careful cleaning services for central cooling systems to prevent the spread of allergens. These are great for removing built-up pollutants from your ductwork and vents and eliminating allergy symptoms that may affect people in air-conditioned rooms.

The best ducted cooling service

At Thomas Airconditioning, we deeply invest in building our expertise and utilising the best tools to shield Melbourne from unwanted heat. You can think of our team as the most capable local specialists for ductable A/C services near you, no matter which suburb your property is located in.

Here’s why hiring Thomas Airconditioning is the right way to keep heat out and savings in:

  • All our technicians are licensed and trained according to ARCtick and VBA recommendations. We know central air conditioning systems inside and out – from the condenser to the vents.
  • We apply special solutions to maximise the lifespan of your ducted A/C. Our precision tune-ups can fortify cooling performance, prevent problems and save you money while lowering the impact on the environment.
  • If your central system breaks down on a stifling day, you can avert an indoor comfort crisis with our emergency service. We care about our customers by ensuring rapid response and favourable rates.
  • We’d love to build long-term relationships with you and stay transparent about ducted air conditioning service costs and individual recommendations. No unpredictability in the quotes!

Whatever you need for your ducted aircon, the Thomas Airconditioning team springs into action with top-notch equipment to restore cool breezes throughout your property. Call today to get back to lounging in shorts and T-shirts!

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