Air conditioning system upgrades

Is your A/C too old to handle the heat? Go for air conditioning system upgrades

Do you think your A/C is outdated, is too expensive to run or has been improperly maintained? Has it become a bulky piece of appliance that fails to ensure a habitable climate as summer temperatures continue rising? Upgrade your air conditioning system to a newer, more energy-savvy one or add extra features for improved temperature control and air quality in your home in Melbourne.

The only way to distinguish from the A/C upgrades is to work with a professional contractor to assess if it’s time to revamp your unit. Thomas Airconditioning can advise you on the best touch-ups and replacements before the dog days are in full swing.

When to upgrade your air conditioning system in Melbourne

Your aircon may still be up for the task, but bringing it to its best version has a plethora of benefits. Generally, you should upgrade your home A/C system if:

  • It’s old. The average A/C can handle the heat without a hitch for 10-15 years. If yours is pushing past that, it’s likely losing efficiency.
  • It takes ages to cool rooms. If some rooms are still stuffy while others are icy or take forever to reach the set temperature, your A/C needs an upgrade.
  • Your bills cause the pain of paying. An inefficient A/C works harder to cool your place by consuming more energy. Air conditioning system upgrades can be helpful to cut it down.
  • Your allergies flare up. An ageing A/C harbours mould and allergens in its ducts and filters and blasts them into your home. Upgrading ensures cleaner air and better health.

If your aircon shows multiple signs it has seen better days, don’t delay. Call Thomas Airconditioning so we can help you stay cool in summer with an efficient, silent-running unit.

Do you upgrade air conditioning systems near me?

Our cooling experts have been inspecting and revamping A/Cs across Melbourne for as long as there have been heatwaves. We can upgrade an existing system of any type:

  • Ducted – More zoning features and ducts can pave the way for efficient operation throughout your home or larger commercial area.
  • Split and multi-split units – Upgrades can be done for outdoor condensers, indoor air handlers and controllers to unlock your A/C’s best performance.
  • Evaporative coolers – Does your space suffer from poor humidity levels and unbearable temperatures? We can reinforce the critical functions of your evap unit.

Our technicians can perform upgrades and install add-ons in rental and owner-occupied properties, plus second homes and office buildings.

How much does it cost to upgrade a central air conditioning system?

The price of an enhancement greatly depends on the condition of your existing A/C, type, size and the desired functionality. An accurate quote can only be received after talking to our specialists and describing what you’re looking for.

Call today to discuss potential air conditioning system upgrades in Melbourne to finally chill out in total comfort and stave off bill shock.

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