Split system air conditioners installation

Split system installers near me in Melbourne

Sweltering in the oppressive summer heat? Is your old air conditioner wheezing its last dying breaths as it struggles to cool your home? Don’t suffer through another Melbourne summer – curb the heat with split system aircon installation performed by Thomas Airconditioning.

Our technicians can inspect your space, recommend a split system and handle the entire installation from start to finish. Expect precision load calculations, flawless indoor and outdoor unit setup and meticulous connections for recharging-cool air on your premises.

Why opt for a split system air conditioner and installation?

Very few HVAC units can compare to a split system A/C for climate control in your home. Unlike a clunky window rattler, this one is:

  • Whisper quiet
  • Discreet 
  • Power-efficient

When paired together, this allows you to enjoy superb comfort without the disturbance and eyesore of a window A/C unit. Split systems circulate air through concealed vents and are touted for unobtrusiveness. They’re great for open-plan living and never disturb your residential vibes.

Mini-split installation near me

Do you live in an apartment, condo or smaller space? If so, a traditional central A/C unit may not be practical or even possible to install. In this case, a compact yet mighty split aircon is your best bet.

Mini-splits are perfect for smaller living areas, allowing you to chill in peace without the annoying roar of a huge A/C unit. They have an outdoor compressor that pumps coolant to one or more air handlers installed in different rooms. In other words, you can have a unit cooling your living room and another handling the bedroom.

Split system installation cost in Melbourne

With Thomas Airconditioning handling your A/C installation, staying cool during Melbourne’s balmy summer is a breeze. Here’s how our crew will perform this service for your property:

  1. Our ARC-certified pros start by assessing your place to determine the perfect location for the condenser and wall units with your aesthetic preferences in mind. Once the spots are selected, we agree upon the final split system A/C installation cost, depending on the number of air conditioners needed.
  2. Next, we install the wall unit inside your home after carefully drilling a hole without ruining your room’s appearance. The compact unit is then mounted and connected to the condenser outside. It can be hung high near the ceiling to stay the least visible.
  3. The next step is centred around the sizeable part of your split system. Our specialists prepare it on the ground and get it to the roof or wall to connect it to the indoor unit. We ensure all connections are tight and the A/C functions soundly before leaving your home.

Once the split system air conditioner installation is done, we’ll walk you through how the different modes, fan speeds and temperature controls work. Overall, using and adjusting mini-splits and larger A/Cs for your property isn’t rocket science and can be done by all family members.

Call us to estimate the cost to install a split system considering the desired A/C brand and area size.

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