Gas ducted heating

ARC-licensed gas ducted heating service in Melbourne

From a homeowner’s perspective, evaluating heating system performance can be bewildering and risky. The many gas ducted heating units and systems we inspect are undersized or oversized for the area and, thus, not working properly. This common issue takes a toll on their longevity, causes furnace or temperature inconsistencies and reduces the home’s energy efficiency.

If you think this might be happening to your unit or if you have any other heating concerns, our ARC-licensed and VBA-certified gas heater specialists can identify the cause and ways to improve the situation. We can check, service, install, upgrade and repair any type and model of gas-powered appliances to ensure you stay warm and safe.

Our mission is to match you with the best gas ducted heating solution, whether you are looking for extra features, regular upkeep, efficient troubleshooting or a new system. With our professional evaluation in Melbourne, you can get a fuller picture of your home’s energy performance and the technologies or products that would be the best fit.

Gas ducted heating prices in Melbourne

These can be wide-ranging for residential and commercial projects depending on:

  • New installation or retrofitting an existing system
  • The work involved, space constraints and difficulty of access
  • Gas heater brand, type and output
  • The sizing, placement and number of ductwork system components
  • Extra features (think zoning, cooling or smart technology for remote control)
  • Ceiling heights and number of storeys
  • Removal of old fixtures before fitting new ones

No two projects are the same for gas ducted heating in Melbourne. However, we can adapt to your needs for the size and layout of your property, desired heater performance and City Code requirements while aligning our prices with what your household can afford.

What can we do?

Thomas Airconditioning is your trusted local expert for everything gas-heating-related: 

  • Quick quotes and detailed on-site assessments
  • Heat load calculations
  • Designing the ultimate system layout and features 
  • Service contracts
  • Maintenance and check-ups to reduce the risk of malfunctions
  • Providing any adjustments or repairs you need

Start by requesting a quote to explore your heater setup service options or ways to improve the existing system. Whether you prioritise budget-friendly gas-powered units or those that cost more upfront but offer long-term benefits and reduced operating hassles, we’ll help you find the best combination of cost-effectiveness, convenience and control.

Gas heater service near me for regular tune-ups and repairs

To ensure your gas system works smoothly, Thomas Airconditioning is happy to invest time and effort into maintenance and check-ups instead of letting issues progress. Our gas heater service in Melbourne includes professional inspections and early treatment, so any problem is faster and less expensive to fix.

Getting issues addressed before they compromise the integrity and longevity of your system is way better than having it sitting for a while. But if that is the cause of sudden malfunctions or failure, Thomas Airconditioning’s emergency gas heater service will get everything back to top condition. You can request it by calling (03) 9553 3993.

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