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One ducted heating service – A year of healthy, warm living

Is your ducted heating unit playing up? Don’t risk your comfort and health when winter chills are on the horizon. Thomas Airconditioning has been carrying out ducted heating repairs in Melbourne since day one, and we know how to keep Australian homes warm.

Let us check your ducted heater and perform regular maintenance to bring comfort back to your place. We can inspect your central unit, down to every duct and fan. If there’s something wrong with it, we’ll clean, adjust, fix or replace a faulty part.

Ducted heating maintenance services aren’t only about how warm you and your loved ones are in cold months. They are also about the air you breathe in every day. Regular heater servicing can ensure your indoor air quality is as high as it should be – free from contaminants and life-threatening gas leaks.

When do you need a gas ducted heating service?

If it’s been years since you’ve had your ducted heater serviced, or you’ve never had a professional technician inspect it, you should think twice about it. Gas units should be checked annually even when everything seems to be working without a hitch.

You may also need a ducted heating system repair service if:

  • your unit fails to perform as it used to
  • you can feel cool air coming out of your vents
  • some of your rooms are cold while others are warm
  • your heater doesn’t stop working once the pre-set temperature is achieved
  • it costs you more to run your unit in heating bills than when you got it installed
  • you can smell unusual odour puffing from your ducts

Certified technicians from Thomas Airconditioning can do all gas heater repairs in Melbourne to keep your unit safe and efficient. We can address any sign of a malfunctioning system so that it performs properly.

Nothing is left unchecked

As a long-standing A/C and ducted heating service company, we’ve adopted strict practices to perform maintenance and repairs. Our technicians always stick with them to check every part of your unit, including:

  •  gas burner and heat exchanger
  • ducts and fan assembly
  • air filters
  • gas line and flue
  • hoses, pumps and connectors

Our ducted heating maintenance services include comprehensive inspections, cleaning, filter dust removal, pressure adjustment and everything in between. We’ll also run leak tests throughout your system and check its components for mechanical defects. If we notice any, we’ll advise you on replacements to extend the lifespan of your heater.



Call Thomas Airconditioning to keep freezing cold at bay

One call is all it takes to make your home a cosier place and breathe in contaminant-free air. Are you worried about the fees? We can calculate the ducted heating service cost for your Melbourne home beforehand so that you know what to expect.

Do you have a valid service contract with Thomas Airconditioning? Then you’re the first to get your ducted heater checked and repaired. Plus, you qualify for the reduced cost of having it serviced anywhere in Melbourne!

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