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Commercial A/C and ducted heating service in Melbourne

Whether for office buildings, malls or hotels, creating a comfortable working environment is of paramount importance to fight a winter chill. Low temperatures can affect your employees’ productivity, resulting in reduced profitability and serious setbacks. Additionally, running a customer-oriented business means you should take care of your guests’ comfort needs too.

You can’t install a ducted heating system on your commercial premises and call it a day. Professional ducted heating maintenance in Melbourne is vital to ensure continuous warmth from early autumn to late winter. And Thomas Airconditioning is here to do just that.

As an established office and home heating repair company, Thomas Airconditioning services all HVAC, gas ducted heater and evaporative cooling system brands, from Panasonic to LG to Toshiba. With certified technicians on board, we can provide regular service and emergency repairs to ensure your unit doesn’t compromise your comfort and health.

We’re committed to delivering end-to-end A/C and gas heater services in Melbourne, whatever your property size is. By keeping your units in tip-top shape, you can provide your customers and employees with a well-maintained level of warmth and cosiness, bringing their satisfaction to the next level. 

Heating repair services to maximise your ducted heater efficiency

Ducted heating systems are proved to be energy-efficient because of their zoning features. However, this turns into nothing without duct heating services. As dust particles build up within the unit, the performance of your system plummets while catapulting your bills.

When investing in a high-end ducted heating system, you should invest as responsibly in keeping it efficient throughout its lifespan. For the maximum efficiency that your heating unit can provide, schedule a gas ducted heating service with Thomas Airconditioning as per the recommended frequency. Usually, you’ll need to get a maintenance service for your ducted heating unit before the autumn season begins.

Useful tips to combine with essential ducted heater repairs

Repairs aside, you can also optimise the efficiency of your systems by:

  • Insulating your building from ceiling to floor with foam boards and wall-to-wall coverings
  • Setting the temperature mode from 17ºC to 21ºC
  • Keeping at least six outlets fully open to prevent overheating
  • Regularly cleaning the air filter

Thomas Airconditioning is locally known for timely heater services in Melbourne for residential and commercial properties to maintain the health of the unit that maintains yours. Whether for emergency repairs or maintenance, our technicians are at your disposal whenever you need them. 

A/C and ducted heating repairs at lower prices than elsewhere

Nothing beats the pleasure of staying in a well-heated space. Comfort and warmth are what all people are looking for indoors when temperatures go down outdoors. But the price of ducted heater repairs can sometimes be a hindrance to investing what needs to be invested in creating a well-heated, healthy place.

Once you sign up for a service contract with us, you can gain access to discount rates for the services we provide for the faulty-free performance and prolonged lifespan of your air conditioner, ducted gas heater or evaporative cooling system.

Enjoy more effective heating and cooling – plus improved air quality – while cutting down costs when winter or summer knocks on your door!

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